Living with Intention, Purpose and Passion

Lisa Soloway

In 1987, Lisa had a dream to adopt a child.  But this dream would rest in her heart for more than 10 years.  Lisa and her husband had their second and third sons during this time, which is such a blessing!  However, she still had this dream to fulfill, and with her husband’s consent, they began their journey to adopting their fourth child – a daughter – at the age of 8 from foster care.  Lisa wanted to adopt again, but her children really needed her.  Now, as an empty nester, her mission is to equip teens and young adults who age out of foster care to live an independent and abundant life!

Lisa’s entrepreneurial life began just before her second pregnancy when she entered into a partnership with her best friend that focused on early childhood development and work/family balance. They developed and operated three early childhood development centers with an average 100 infants, toddlers, pre-school and school-age children.  One of their centers was an intergenerational center at a retirement home with programming between the residents and students of the center. It was a great chapter in Lisa’s life as she was able to remain close to her boys until they started primary school.  To be more available for them during their school years – and tapping into her awareness and desire to improve her health and well-being –  Lisa ventured into fitness in 2001 as a result of that awareness. She has learned that her personal evolution enables her to help others achieve financial freedom and discover how to live on their own terms in their own time.

During Lisa’s previous careers, she enjoyed sharing her enthusiasm for early childhood development and then health and wellness with individuals, chambers of commerce and other organizations.  Now her experience as an entrepreneur means combining her health and wellness expertise with business development to help others develop residual income through home-based business growth.  When Lisa moved to her new home in 2016, she started a “Successful Balanced Living” community in Melbourne, Florida – various programs provide a path to create ultimate well-being while balancing all aspects of life.  Lisa is committed to impacting people’s lives by helping them realize their potential and achieve abundance.


Lisa has been a great mentor and is always available for guidance.  She shares her knowledge, both successes and failures from her experience to assist with my growth.

Lori O’Brien

Lisa has been my rock, my inspiration and a second to none mentor, instilling enthusiasm, and positive energy by example. Under her wing, I know that I will achieve what I did not think possible prior to meeting and working with her.

Patti Peck

Lisa is a passionate, motivating, mentor. These are just some of the things we can say about Lisa as a coach. She just makes us want to be better and more successful people. She has exactly what we need to get us where we want to be in life to achieve the results that we want.

Laura & Shawn Burke
Lisa is a strength like no other. She encourages, trains, guides and motivates you to success!  I have always been inspired by Lisa to achieve results!  A great coach and mentor.
Jennifer Brin
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